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Frequently Asked Questions on Chromatone CT-312 and Wholetone Revolution

In this Q&A section, we answer your questions that were asked actually to our lab. The inventor, Wataru Ohkawa himself is answering questions.

Other Questions

Please refer here : ‘MUTO music method’

List of Answers

  • What are the difference between Chromatone CT-312 and Wholetone Revolution ?
  • The size of MUTO KEN and the model of the instruments (manufacturers that supply the models, sound source, body of the product) on which the keyboard is equipped are different.

    As to the size of keyboard, Wholetone Revolution has ideal performing sound range (88 keys) and key pitch in the cabinet of 61 key type supplied by the partner manufacturer. We pursued the originality as MUTO KEN in the development.

    Chromatone, as an entry model, we made the its key-pitch as same as piano so that piano players can shift from the standard type of keyboard more smoothly. We pursued the cost performance by accommodating 71 keys as possible playing sound range in the 61 key body supplied by partner manufacturer.

    The following is the chart of showing the major difference of main unit

  • Chromatone CT-312/ Wholetone Revolution Comparison Chart of Functions

      CHROMATONE CT-312chromatone ct-312 Wholetone Revolutionwholetone revolution
    Key Layout Muto Music Method・MUTO KEN layout
    (halftone arrangement + whole tone arrangement)
    Muto Music Method・MUTO KEN layout
    (halftone arrangement + whole tone arrangement)
    Number of Keys 71 keys 88 keys
    Width of 1 Octave (Key-pitch) approx.14 cm (23mm) approx.11.5cm (20mm)
    Velocity Touch Available Available
    After Touch Not available Available
    Polyphony 64 notes 64 notes (in single mode)
    Sound Source 132 sounds 1169 sounds/ 302 combinations
    / 37 drum kit
    Rhythm Style 100 styles Not available
    Notation Indicator Function (3 line notation) Available Not available
    Built-in Speaker Available Not available
    Auto Accompaniment Available Not available
    Simple Recording Function Available Not available
    Connectors Phones, Aux Out, Volume, Damper, MIDI IN/OUT Phones, L/R, Pedal, Switch
    Electric Power IN (100-240V) OUT(12V) and Battery Operation (D size x 8 pieces) IN (100VAC) OUT (9VAC) No battery operation
    Notation Holder Available Not available
    OEM Supply Source Hong Kong Japan
    Size 1100(w)×395(D)×148(H)mm 1030(w)×300(D)×88.9(H)mm
    Weight 8.1kg 6.6kg
  • Is there a piano touch model, other numbers of key model, midi keyboard (no sound source) model ?
  • Now we solely have Chromatone CT312 (71 keys), Wholetone Revolution (88 keys) and Chromatone fo iPad as application software for iPad (with function of resizing the keyboard) in the product line-up. We do not have piano touch model or midi keyboard model without sound source for sale. In the past, we had acoustic piano type ‘Rapian’ and ‘Rapian Kit’ that was for attaching to the existing keyboard. We are trying to widely develop the keyboards featuring MUTO KEN.
  • What sort of primary functions are equipped with main unit ?
  • The functions of main unit follow the supplying partner manufacturer and their model.
    Comparison Chart of Functions
  • What is Position Quick Control ? (only Chromatone CT-312)
  • The function to move keys in parallel in the real time, by setting root of key with left hand. This is the original function of MUTO KEN.
  • What kind of things can we realize with ABC function ? (only Chromatone)
  • ABC is the abbreviation of Auto Bass Chord.
    The simple accompaniment function by recognizing the chord played with keyboard automatically and adding the rhythm and backing.
  • How can we use recording function ? (only Chromatone CT-312)
  • It is a simple recording function.
    You can overdub rhythm and keyboard play by 5 times.
  • What types of sound can we play ?
  • We use the built-in sound source coming with the original (base) model of the electronic keyboard. Therefore the types of sounds are same as the normal electronic keyboard. But as it has MIDI out, you can connect with your existing favorite sound source.
  • Is there MIDI implement chart ?
  • Yes, there is. Please ask us directly in details.
  • Is it possible to connect them with personal computer via MIDI ?
    (When I turn on the power, MIDI out channel goes back to ‘5’ due to its specification.)
  • It is possible to connect with external sound source from MIDI OUT. It is a default setting that MIDI out channel changes to 5 channel when you turn on the power (only Chromatone).
  • How long can we use them with battery ?
  • We cannot generalize it as it varies due to the playing conditions such as the circumstance and volume, etc. But we heard someone could use it more than 10 hours.
  • Is there customized carrying case and specialized stand for them ?
  • There is no carrying case and stand. You can use general keyboard case for 61 keys type more or less. In the case of Chromatone, we recommend you to prepare a little bigger case to cover its height and width, as it has the built-in speaker. You do not have to be so careful about the stand.
  • What sort of items are compatible to be added ?
  • Notation holder is equipped (only for Chromatone). Please prepare the existing products with regard to damper pedal and volume pedal upon your necessity.
  • Which polarity of damper pedal do we have to prepare ?
  • There is a switching function of polarity with Chromatone and Wholetone Revolution. In the case of Chromatone, it automatically detects the polarity if you connect it with pedal before you turn on the power.
  • What is the rental fee ?
  • 5,000 yen per month (only Chromatone). We do not rent Wholetone Revolution at this moment.
  • What is the difference between regularly priced product and outlet product ?
  • There is no difference as product between them. The only difference is if there is one year guarantee or not. We replace the product when it has initial defect or we can repair it.
  • How much does it cost to repair the product ? (only Chromatone CT-312)
  • The major cases are the losing key-top. 1 key-top costs 100 yen. If it will be a repair that we replace the keyboard or circuit board, it costs tens of thousand yen. In that case, it is cheaper to purchase at outlet sale.
  • Can we buy them at the music instruments store ?
  • No, you cannot.
    We feel sorry for that. We cannot secure the units for the display at the stores and for the test play. So you cannot find them at the music instruments stores.
  • Can we play them as testing ?Do you have any showrooms ?
  • Yes, you can play them as trial at our showroom. Please feel free to contact us as we will not ask you to buy them even after the trial from our side.
  • The product arrived with the keys (key-top) come off. Is it defective product ? (only Chromatone CT-312)
  • We designed the key-top to be detachable. But there is a small possibility of key-top coming off by some shock during the transportation or when the product is positioned upside down. If you put the key-top back to the original position, you can play it without any problem. It is not defective.
  • What are the weight of Chromatone and Wholetone Revolution ?
    How heavy are they in kilograms ? Can we carry them ?
  • Chromatone's weight is 8.1 Kg. Wholetone Revolution's weight is 6.6 Kg. As they have the weight of standard sized electronic keyboards. You can carry them without big problems.